Varsity Basketball Chiefs Grab Nail Biter Against The Cobras


Khan Ho

Justin Roseme put on a show as he goes for a dunk.

Senior night for both the Varsity Boys Basketball and Varsity Cheerleaders happened right before Friday’s game. This senior night could be one of the few events that will be memorable for those who have lost their senior year because of the pandemic.

During the 1st quarter, it was a head-to-head game where the point difference never passed 5 points between the Chiefs and Cobras, but when the 2nd quarter came things changed drastically. Being on the tail end of the Cobras, the Chiefs lost sight of the game which led to a 17 point difference at the end of the 2nd quarter. When the third quarter came the Chiefs switched from a more defensive stance to an extremely aggressive stance which broke the defense of the Cobras. On top of that, the morale of not just the Chiefs but also the crowd recovered where a sense of overwhelming excitement filled the gymnasium. At the end of the game, the score was 50 to 45. The next home game will be this coming Friday, facing John I. Leonard.