Tackling Obesity


Obesity is a struggle all over the United States, and it is only becoming a bigger problem. Whether it is financial instability, bad break ups, or a low self-worth  people always have a reason to ‘eat their troubles away.’

According to the Palm Beach County Health Department, 11.6% of Black high school students in the county are obese, compared with 9.7% of Hispanic students, and 7.5% of White non-Hispanic students.

At Santaluces, there is drive to keep the school’s personal obesity rates down. On this campus, there is a wide variety of physical fitness classes to accommodate every student. Included in our physical fitness programs are team sports, personal fitness, aerobics, and weight training.

Dr. Weigel is personally taking steps to provide more opportunities to be physically fit.  Last year when she first got here, she ordered twelve spin bikes. Dr. Weigel said each spin bike costs around $800. Her intention is to eventually have forty-eight spin bikes, and to have the P.E coaches certified to give classes for both students and teachers.

“There is nothing is more important than your health.” said Weigel. “If we take care of our health everything else falls into line “