Big Chiefs read to Little Chiefs


For the sixth year, Mr. Badome’s level 2 Viz Tech class read picture books to the little chiefs.

Badome’s kids sat in the back of the Early Childhood room in kid-sized chairs at short tables, waiting patiently to be introduced by Ms. Kouf. Each of the six groups of students went up one by one presenting stories about Halloween, such as a giraffe that can’t find a costume and a superhero who can’t find his words, or about a topic the students thought would interest the the little chiefs, such as showing all the different pets people can have around the world.

“They did an amazing job this year. The preschoolers loved it,” said Early Childhood teacher, Ms. Kouf.

The short stories and illustrations were all done by the students using drawing tablets and Photoshop. The Viz Tech class studied elements of children’s books, such as rhyming and phonics and applied what they learned to their own creations.

“They really made early childhood books. It was great,” said Kouf.

They had a month to prepare in groups of six and were graded on their presentation, each group’s ability to communicate, their ability to meet deadlines, and each individual’s ability to fulfill his or her designated role. Many of Badome’s students wish to work as cartoonists in the future, and Badome uses this assignment so his students can practice catering to that demographic.

“First, [I started to assign this project] to work with another academy,” said Badome. “Second, so my kids have an opportunity to make something that’s not for themselves, specifically for children.”