The Fair Has Come and Gone

The South Florida Fair has finally come to a close, and students remember the great times they had with friends and family.

Many students such as Haley Hinkofer, Taylor Kaulbaugh, and Austin Hackle share their experiences and opinions of the fair ending.

“The fair was amazing,” said Kaulbaugh. “I got to spend quality time with my friends and joke around. I just wished it stayed longer so I could go one more time.”

The fair was a place where many students could hang out with friends, go on rides, and enjoy junk food.

“I went with everyone I knew,” said Hinkofer. “The time I had there was fun, even though there was just too many people, and the food was over priced. Next time I go, I will know what days to go and how much money to bring.”

That’s one of the many things some people did not like about the fair, its over priced foods and tickets, especially for rides. But for others, it was still a great experience.

“I got to chill and go on tons of rides,” said Hackles. “My favorite was the Zipper, always a classic.”.

When the fair began, every one was elated, but eventually, it was time to say goodbye.