Chiefs Celebrate Literacy Week

Abbey Brannock and Mishka Brice

Last week, Santaluces took part in literacy week, a nationally recognized event where people celebrate the importance of reading and writing.

Organized by Ms. Asen, the head of the reading department, and SGA, each day of the week held a different event to promote literacy among students, including a book swap on Monday and librarians from the Palm Beach County Library helping students sign up for library cards.

SGA took part in the events by putting together the Hunger Games obstacle course during both lunches on Wednesday. Students were invited to weave through a ladder, jump over a rope and throw a frisbee through a hoop.

“It’s important that we make reading and writing enjoyable for all of our students. I think literacy week does a really good job of that with making it more accessible,” said Ms. Asen. “With literacy week, we try to incorporate many different activities that appeal to all of our different types of students.”

From the Curriculum Department in the district, Mrs. Johnson came to the school to speak to students and teacher about the new test for underclassmen – the Florida State Assessment. She broadcasted a stream for teachers to watch during class and even visited some classes to give students and teachers a glimpse of what they’ll be facing this year.

Throughout the week teachers prepared for the door decorating contest, and the winner was announced on Friday.

“Mr. Gaddy and some of the other assistant principals were in charge of the judging,” said Ms. Asen. “And they felt that [the] teacher and that group of students used literacy in the best kind of way.”

Administrators agreed that Spanish teacher Ms. Sanabria had the door that best reflected the importance of literacy. Since another key part of the contest was to used recycled materials, she decorated the door using old assignments from her students.