New Tardy Kiosks


Randi Goldman, Staff Writer

Last year, when students were tardy they would have to go to the office and have a small yellow slip written out to get back to class. Only one person working in the main office wrote the slips and the line was often backed up. This year however, the tardy policy and the way students receive tardy slips has been completely reinvented.

Starting the second week of school two of the three kiosks were set up. One of the kiosks was set up between the main office and the entrance to the 1000 building. The other was set up near the hall of the 3000/4000 building. On Friday, Mr.Garcia, one of the new Assistant Principals, said that the third kiosk that was not up yet was supposed to be located near the freshman hallway.

Mr. Garcia also said that there was going to be a station for the kiosks located in the main office. The only kiosk that was being used on Tuesday morning was the one set up between the  main office and the 1000 building. However, this plan changed. Tuesday morning, Mr. Montoya  said that the third kiosk is going to be set up in the 8000 building.

The kiosks use student numbers in order to identify students and tally their tardies. Essentially, students walk up to the kiosks, enter their student number, and a slip gets printed.

“I didn’t really mind,” said Senior Kervin Smith.  “I just wanted to know how it works. It was cool, I just typed in my student number and the little paper comes out.”

On second day, administrators were trying to organize the students into a line for the kiosk in between the main office and the 1000 building. These kiosks also inform sports sponsors, club sponsors, teachers and parents of the student about the violation. Three more kiosks are expected to be arriving in the near future. The kiosks are also expected to administer twilight school slips, lunch detentions,  and eventually, dress code violations.