Why is There Winter Break Work?


Taylor Kalbaugh , Staff Writer

Winter break vacation is soon among us and students and teachers are excited about the two week hiatus from school. This is the time to relax, recharge  and not worry about the daily school responsibilities. Though, the dreaded words “winter break” and “homework due” used in the same sentence seemingly  crush the very definition of a break. So, why do students receive homework over the breaks?

Economics and AP Government teacher Mr. Weiner says,  “I think students who are endeavored to take college level courses need to be prepared for college level rigor, which often includes doing reading before the coursework and time constraints also persist.” More specifically, students who take AP and AICE classes have so much to learn before their exams in May that they often are cut short by time and how much material needs to be covered in the time frames for the exams.

Ms. Kehlhofer, who is an English and Creative Writing teacher here at Santaluces, thinks “Everyone needs a vacation. We all start fresh in January.” Mrs. Schroader, who teaches English and Debate classes,  also agrees along the same lines, “Majority of my students had just stressed themselves out so much to bring their grade to a passing grade, I didn’t want to hit them over the head with more work where they start off the next nine weeks in the negative.”

Students weighed in on their thoughts about Winter Break work, too. “The holidays are a time when students should be able to peacefully celebrate with their families.” says senior Michelle Salazar, “They shouldn’t have to worry about scheduling in five classes worth of homework, in the duration of two weeks that’s typically given to go on vacation and relax from a stressful first semester.”

Some may even say that homework over the school breaks may disrupt family time and the workload should stay when school is in session. In an article by Merri Rosenberg about this very subject, she writes that parents feel homework rather drains energy from their kids than intending on  recuperating.

When any holiday or seasonal break arrives and assignments are given, teachers are aiming to help keep students on task and reinforce information and lessons they have learned when on extended breaks. Though some teachers simply want to give students a break from a stressful semester.