My Grad Bash Experience


Nia Ford

Universal Ticket for Grad Bash

Nia Ford, Photo Editor

Grad Bash this year started a bit rocky because of the lack of people to buy tickets we almost could not go. Thankfully, enough tickets were sold in time and the trip continued and it was a blast. The trip up to Orlando was filled with games, sleeping, and singing. The group I decided to hang out with at the park had an uneven number of people so I had to sit with an unfamiliar face. That decision really improved my trip because the young lady I met greatly improved the situation of not sitting with my friends. We got along really well and were talking and joking for most of the trip to Orlando.

Being at the park was really fun though the wait times were killer, per usual. However, being in those long lines we not so bad if you were with a fun group of people that keep the conversation and laughter going. The wait times for the group I was with were not that bad because one of the girls had the universal app so we knew how long each ride was going to be and were able to plan so we could get to as many rides as possible. This was efficient because each one was 45 minutes or more. That is another reason why I knew I was with a good group because even in those line we were laughing and playing games to keep each others energy up, which made the time go by faster.

The bus ride back was mostly sleeping in an uncomfortable position on the bus and trying desperately not to be cold as a popsicle. I had brought a blanket because I knew it would be incredibly cold, but still I was freezing the whole way back. We got back to the school around 5:30 in the morning so I drove home and went back to sleep because it had been a long night.

I think Grad Bash was a great experience and it is definitely worth going especially with a great group of friends, and maybe you will make some more.