Chiefs Break It Down!

Yudibel Ortiz, Staff Writer

If you’re looking for a new form of expressing yourself, meeting new people and having a blast while doing it, you should check out the Santaluces break dance team.

The Team creates their own moves and are taught just how to pop, lock and drop it by no other then our very own Mr. Angione.

This will be Mr. Angione’s seventh year coaching the team. His own personality comes out while coaching the Bboys.

“It gives me another way to connect with them” said Angione. “I want to see them grow and the only way for them to grow is for somebody to teach them and motivate to keep doing their best”

His doors are always open to students who are interested in joining the team or those who just want to check it out. You can find him in room 1133 or 1145. They meet every Monday, Thursday, and Friday after school in the wrestling room.

One of the members of the team, junior Jeffrey  Rodrigues, has been break dancing for two years now. He was inspired by his brother, former student, Alan Rodrigues, to start break dancing. He’s in love with the sport and believes the best music for it is old school hip hop.

“You need to be able to lift yourself up and have good flexibility,” said Rodrigues. “But other than that you have to learn to not be nervous.”

These boys make it look easy but it does require a lot of training.

“If you want something you have to train for it,” said Rodrigues.

Another passionate break dancer is senior Justin Nardo. Break dancing for a year now, Nardo believes the hardest part about break dancing is being consistent. What made him want to start break dancing was watching others do it and he knew it was something he could do. According to him it does not require a lot of practice but you have to be willing to be your best.

“Break dancing is not that difficult to learn, you just need to put your mind to it,” said Nardo. “I would like to have more people come because not a lot of people have the experience. Whenever you see someone break dancing you think oh I would never do that I might hurt myself, but no it’s just fun.”

The team invites you to come and check them out. They welcome new members and will gladly “break it down” for you.