Fifth Harmony’s Reflection: A Song-By-Song Breakdown

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Grace Almanza, Staff Writer

Fifth Harmony’s highly anticipated album was finally released for purchase on February 3rd. The album itself is a mix of Hip-Hop and R&B style, with a little of pop thrown in the Deluxe addition. Fifth Harmony first introduced the public to snippets of this album’s sound with released singles such as BO$$ and Sledgehammer. It gives off a good glimpse into a series of songs that speak of women empowerment and innocent love.

1. “Top Down” – A synthetic beat starts off the album’s first song, with air horns and strong vocals backing it up. It’s not the Disney-type pop fans are used to hearing compared to the beginning of Fifth Harmony’s career, but it’s not such a far stretch from it either. The catchy tune and easy-t0-remember words allow this song to easily become a favorite.

Lyric: “Blaze it up, we’ll be cruisin’ with the top down. Rev up the engine, we’ll be crusin’ watch it go down.”

2. “BO$$” – Riddled with catchy rhymes and pop culture references, BO$$ reminds people who Fifth Harmony are here to sing for and signifies that the girl group is not to be messed with when it comes to independence.

Lyric: “You say that you a baller, and I see you tryna holla, but that ain’t how I was brought up.” 

3. “Sledgehammer” – Their second single is vastly different from the first two, having a very Top 40 Pop beat to it. The lyrics revolve around the powerful emotion of love, sure to resonate with listeners everywhere. Although it’s doesn’t exactly fit the total sound of the album, Sledgehammer is sure to at least introduce fans to the world of Fifth Harmony.

Lyric: “I struggle to contain, the love that’s in my veins, and how it circulates. If you could take my pulse right now, it would feel just like a sledgehammer.” 

4. “Worth It (Ft. Kid Ink)” – This track brings back the signature Hip-Hop style that the first two tracks only offered a glimpse into. Not unlike their other songs, Worth it contains undertones of female empowerment, with lyrics implying that the girls know what they want and what they deserve.

Lyric: “Give it to me I’m worth it. Baby, I’m worth it.” 

5. “This is How We Roll” – Once again going back to their Pop roots, this track alternates between their new sound and their old one. However, it’s easy to sing along to and the break in the song provides enough of a pleasant tune with breath-y vocals along with a twist that the awkward fit of the song into the album is almost unnoticeable.

Lyric: “This is how we roll. We stay in the street and we get it all week, cause this is how we roll.” 

6. “Everlasting Love” – This track has a fun and pleasant R&B tune that definitely allows fans to get more comfortable with the girl group’s new sound. The chorus is catchy and the lyrics run smooth, sure to make this track one that won’t get out of your head.

Lyric: “Always looking over my shoulder, cause I don’t ever wanna miss you. I been thinking about you daily, can’t wait to see your face.” 

7. “Like Mariah (Ft. Tyga)” – Their official tribute to Mariah Carey, this song is riddled with Carey’s style mixed along with Fifth Harmony’s. Although the auto-tune is a little annoying, the beat is not unpleasant and the collective voices of the girls along with the beat definitely makes up for it.

Lyric: “Your love takes me higher, you set my heart on fire. When you touch me you got me singing like Mariah.” 

8. “Them Girls Be Like” – Definitely one of the songs that stands out the most in this album, this track has a strong message of female empowerment. Fifth Harmony takes back the stereotypes and characteristics that girls are most made fun of for, such as selfies and makeup. They do this with a super catchy chorus and amazing vocals.

Lyric: “That’s what we be like, yeah. Lovin’ this life like we really don’t care.” 

9. “Reflection” – The title song of the album does not disappoint. Fifth Harmony invites girls around the world to embrace themselves and their beauty with this song, and to not be ashamed of doing this. It also tells girls that not everything girls do is to please boys, and does this with an awesome chorus and a sensual and catchy beat.

Lyric: “You’d be rich if looking good was a profession. Boy, I ain’t talkin’ about you, I’m talkin’ to my own reflection.” 

10. “Suga Mama” – Continuing their theme of girl power, this song has a very 90’s R&B/Hip-Hop beat and reiterates the message that these girls will not accept anything less than they deserve. The track has a cute and catchy beat with pleasing lyrics and although it may at first be overlooked, it is sure to quickly become a fan favorite.

Lyric: “And even though I love the thought of you, now I can’t be your sugar mama.” 

11. “We Know” – The only ballad on the album, We Know offers haunting background vocals and really shows off the range and voices of all the girls in the group. This track allows them to live up to their band name.

Lyric: “I won’t believe a thing you say this time. All those other girls told me how you play your game.” 

12. “Going Nowhere” – Lifting up the mood after the last song, this track offers a catchy beat and brings back that late 90’s Hip-Hop style. The chorus is what most stands out in this song, and is sure to get stuck in fans’ heads all around.

Lyric: “Sit yourself down, cause you know you’re gonna stay. Boy, you better listen to the words I say.” 

13. “Brave Honest Beautiful (ft. Meghan Trainor)” – Riddled with mentions of our favorite queens of music, this track closes the album with the perfect message of female empowerment. The vocals are amazing and the tune is very catchy and is sure inspire girls all around the world.

Lyric: “You can dance like Beyonce, you can shake like Shakira, cause you’re brave, yeah you’re honest, and beautiful.”

Fifth Harmony’s debut album is bold and unapologetic and sure to be a success.