Give Yourself a Break and Pamper Yourself


Viri Reyes

2 Tony Moly face masks, an organ oil hair mask, and a Bath and Body Works candle.

Viri Reyes, Staff Writer

With school back in session, our schedules are continuously occupied with projects, homework and extracurricular activities. It seems like we only ever have a few days off. If you find yourself worrying unnecessarily way too much about school, that’s your mind telling you that you need to relax. What better way to do that then to have a pamper night? It’s extremely good for your health to take a break from stress. Pampering yourself will clear your thoughts and give you a sense of peace.

Here are 5 ways to pamper yourself:

Face masks: Masks come for all kinds of skin types: oily, combination, and dry. When you get out of a warm shower, your pores open up. Masks remove clogged up dirt in pores, and the essential oils in them just brighten up your mood entirely. Plus, feeling clean makes you feel happy. If I’m ever running low or want to try a different kind, I go to Pinterest and search up ‘DIY face masks.’

Run a warm bath:  Baths are great for when not only your mind needs resting, but for when your whole body needs it too. The warm water helps relax your tense muscles. If you want an aroma to help stimulate your senses, throw in a bath bomb from Lush or add some bubbles. I usually bring a book with me to pass the time, but doing nothing lets your mind rest works too.

Indulge in a book/magazine: It will help take your mind off of school. Dress in comfy pajamas after a bath and let the words on the pages take you on a grand adventure. If books are not for you, then pick up a magazine or watch a vlog on YouTube.

Mani pedis: I’ve always been one to say that your hands and feet say a lot about who you are. Take some time to have your nails trimmed, shaped and painted. When you go to the spa to have someone do something beneficial for you, it makes you feel so good about yourself.

Treat yourself:  You know better than anyone else how hard you work. Whenever I’ve worked hard on an assignment or project, I don’t think twice about spending money on myself. You don’t have to go all out. Rewarding myself is usually what motivates me. Sometimes I’ll just buy myself a candy bar or go to my favorite fast food restaurant with friends.

Remember that there’s a specific time and place for worrying about school. Don’t let it consume your thoughts 24/7. If you allow that, you will just be miserable and that’s no way to go on in life. Taking a day out of my busy week to pamper myself has helped me relax so much. I hope you at least take one of these suggestions and incorporate them to your week. It’ll be extremely beneficial.