Review: Stranger Things

Nick Swiatkowski, Staff Writer

Stranger Things is the hit show from this summer. Sadly, you can’t watch it on TV because it is a Netflix original, but all of us have a friend we can bum a Netflix account from. Stranger Things is set in the 80’s with tons of references to movies like Goonies and ET. It starts off with a 12 year old boy Will, who goes missing one night after a night of playing board games with his friends. He just disappears out of no where and no one knows why. His mother soon realizes that he is gone and the family and friends soon get pulled into a storyline of government secrets and superpower-isa spectacles. The friends of the boy that go missing also search for him. In their journeys they find a mysteriously odd and hungry little girl. She looks frail and has a shaven head and it isn’t too soon until they realize she has something to do with the disappearance of will

I am personally in love with the show. I’m not the person to binge-watch shows, but it’s safe to say that I did so over summer. When an episode ended, I couldn’t wait those 15 or so seconds until the next episode started. This is a show that keeps your toes tingling and your head wandering. Its some sort of alien, superhero, mystery hybrid.

The atmosphere of the show in near perfect. The show is darker with shadows and dim lights in nearly every scene with an amazing soundtrack to complement. It also shows off the 80’s casual style and trends accurately with out the un-nessicarily bright leg warmers. The cast is also amazing. For the most part, the whole show focuses on 4 kids who are in middle school and I think it’s amazing because that cast of young actors astounds. Then to top it all off, the show leaves you with a soft cliff hanger.

“I think that the show is really cool and different. It’s got some twist in it that i really wasn’t expecting,” said senior Sara Moran. “I also think its cool how little the stars of the show are. You wouldn’t see such good kid actors as often in more mature shows.”

Stranger Things is the perfect show for someone looking for something more than a casual watch. It was my favorite thing to watch this summer and I can’t wait for a second season to air. Id give this show a 4.5/5 and tell anyone slightly interested to give it a try.


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