Teen Wolf’s Last Season Premiere

Viri Reyes, Staff Writer

Two months ago when watching MTV, I would get so excited when seeing the shortest previews for Teen Wolf’s season 6. When MTV finally released the date for the final season, I ran and marked all my calendars for November 15. As a die-hard fan, I expected everything for the last season premiere and they did not disappoint. They brought back the whole crew of characters we all know and love, and made sure they started the last episode with a bang.

With this season’s theme being “remember,” the show provided its fans with frustration and fear for what that might bring. All throughout the episode, Scott (played by Tyler Posey), and Stiles (played by Dylan O’ Brien), were putting pieces together off an investigation that involved a child’s parents vanishing. With Stiles’ great investigation skills, they discovered that the Wild Hunt, what is said to be only a myth, comes to life. They are taking not only the souls of those that can see them, but are erasing them completely from reality. They are causing memories to be lost, and people and friends are being forgotten.

What hit all the fans extremely hard in the first episode was that Stiles, being defenseless and innocent, is being most effected by the Wild Hunt. With only Lydia who is able to attempt to remember him, fans can all just imagine how much of a bumpy road it will be to bring him back if it’s even possible to do so.

Aside from an overwhelmingly emotional episode, this episode packed in some scenes that pulled at each and everyone’s heart strings. With promises from the writer of Teen Wolf, Jeff Davis, this season will contain more awaited scenes with Lydia and Stiles. Every fan is eager to see if something sparks between their friendship this season.

With a great theme to end the series, the last season premiere of Teen Wolf succeeded. If you’re interested in finding out more about the show or want to see if you will fall in love with it just like everyone else, make sure to tune in every Tuesday at 9pm on MTV.