Tastefully Rolled Ice Cream in Delray

Have you ever been on Twitter, or Instagram and come across a short video of someone making ice cream by chopping up and stirring around the ingredients and scrapping the ice cream up into rolls? I have, and let me tell you, ever since I saw the video of the ice cream being made I have not only been wanting to see it in real life, but wanted to taste it.

On S. Dixie Highway in Delray, there’s a small little Thai restaurant called Eathai. I’m not sure whether their food is good, but I know their ice cream is. The first thing you get asked when you walk in is “Ice cream or food?” If you say ice cream, you are prompted to the side of the bar where they have a different section inside for making the ice cream.

You have a deliciously wide variety of ingredients that will make up your ice cream. You get to pick from coconut milk, KitKat, Oreos and strawberries, all the way to ingredients like cheesecake and brownies. Don’t be intimidated and overwhelmed. Thankfully they have a step by step list on how to pick your flavors. Choose your ice cream base, what gets mixed in your ice cream, pick your toppings, and lastly, choose your drizzle.

If you’re indecisive about what to make your ice cream with, don’t panic because they have ice cream flavor suggestions on their menu. They have Strawberry Cheesecake, Go Green, Supreme Berry, and much more.

The most amazing thing about getting this ice cream is seeing it being plastered on a cold tray where the mixture of all the ingredients you picked are gradually frozen and then scrapped into rolls of ice cream. It is so fun to watch and all at a good price. One topping on your ice cream will cost you $7. For an unlimited amount of toppings it’s $8.

So, here’s the thing: I was expecting this ice cream to be heaven on Earth. When I took my first bite, I realized that the internet over hyped this ice cream, and the only really cool thing about it is the way it’s made. The ice cream is good, just not as spectacular as I’d hope it would’ve been. Apparently there’s something so amazing about having your ice cream rolled instead of scooped, and I don’t know why.

Either way, I suggest you visit Eathai and have the ice cream. It’s pretty good, and the cup of ice cream is towered with a bunch of toppings. Definitely worth your money. So if you decide to go, don’t feel let down. Expect more out of the experience than the ice cream itself.