School IDs


Araceli Velasquez, Staff Writer

It is now mandatory to wear your school IDs, we as students had school IDs in the previous school years but they weren’t mandatory. Since IDs are required this school year, if a student does not have their ID they will get a dress code violation or a twilight. The student will also have to pay $5 for a new ID plus a dollar for a lanyard. Chiefs, that money does add up fast.

Ms.Moe in the media center says that there are some students who owe as much as $60 since IDs have been mandatory. If you have money to pay back, pay it as soon as possible because you will be on obligation till you do so. Obligation means that you will be revoked of certain activities and events, like the grad-bash trip to Universal Orlando. Wear your IDs Chiefs… or you will pay the price, literally.