Finding Thanksgiving Recipes


Araceli Velasquez, Staff Writer

Thanksgiving is the time of year where you cook plenty of food for you and yours. To celebrate the holiday in which you talk about the things your thankful for, it maybe stressful to cook all that food and still have time to celebrate the day in its entirety. Here are some places to find recipes for Thanksgiving dinner.

  1. Pinterest: This is a app that is useful to those wanting to find ideas, tips and tricks for Thanksgiving. Most tips on Pinterest are used  from people who have created the recipes.
  2. Youtube: Youtube is for the person who is a visual learned as opposed to following a recipe. There are videos that will give a visual on how to cook a Thanksgiving meal. Some channels you can view for recipes are Tasty, and NikkiVegan (for vegan alternatives).
  3. Food Network: The channel and website for every food and holiday, including Thanksgiving. You can find all types of recipes ranging in difficulty and expense.