Chief Spring Break Travels


Araceli Velasquez, Staff Writer

For over 10 years Chef Swaye has taken groups of students out of the country to various places for the Spring Break Educational First Travel Program. This year’s trip happened to be Austria, Germany, Italy and Switzerland. The students participating have a chance to explore and venture foreign countries for a week.

“This years trip was fantastic” says Chef Swaye, “the students that traveled with me joined other groups from Hawaii and Missouri. My group was able to experience flying for the first time along with snowball fights in the Alps.”

Santaluces Chief, Autumn Fisch, was one of the students to go on the trip. “I found out about the trip because my sister went last year, and she made it sound really exciting. I also really wanted to visit a different country, because who doesn’t? Plus I wanted to meet other students from different states, it overall just seemed like a fun experience.”

The experience was indeed once in a lifetime for Fisch, better then her original expectation. “I was a little scared to go on the trip because I was going to be out of the country, but it turned out it was amazing. I saw snow and castles, I got to ride a cable car up to a mountain and took a gondola ride, and the food was really great too.”

For class of 2020 you canĀ find yourself in Berlin & Dresden, Germany, on to Prague, Czech Republic, then Krakow, Poland and the surrounding Concentration Camps, through the mountains to Budapest, Hungary according to Chef Swaye. “I have done this itinerary before and it is packed full of world history and fantastic cities, culture and architecture. Your last night you take a river cruise on the Danube River and view the lights of the city after dark. it’s a wonderful way to end an eye-opening vacation!” For anyone interested regarding the trip you can see Chef Swaye for further information.