Sabrina’s Opinion

Sabrina McCranels, Staff Writer

Track One: the 1 vs. willow

The 1 has a beat that reminds me of the earlier Swift days when she wrote the number 13 on her hand and lyrics down her arm. 

Track Two: cardigan vs. champagne problems

I would choose champagne problems over cardigan any day of the week.  Mostly because I enjoy Swift’s higher notes in champagne problems but also the storyline is ambiguous as to whether she is talking about herself or thinking from someone else’s point of view.

Track Three: the last great american dynasty vs. gold rush

The last great american dynasty has to be on my top ten songs the first time I heard it so it takes the crown here. However, gold rush has a really good pace throughout the song that I appreciate.

Track Four: exile vs. ‘tis the damn season

Exile and ‘tis the damn season are so different when comparing them side by side. What sells me on exile is Bon Iver. The connection and lower octaves used for this song are blissful. Their voices together create such a dynamic piece that I love.

Track Five: my tears ricochet vs. tolerate it

Both of these songs aren’t really my cup of tea but if I had to choose, tolerate it would be my choice.

Track Six: mirrorball vs. no body, no crime

No body, no crime has my heart because of the country-pop sound that the song shocks you with in addition to the fun storyline. Although bonus points to mirrorball for making me laugh at the fact she had to use ‘mirrorball’ instead of disco ball.

Track Seven: seven vs. happiness

Happiness hits a little differently than the rest of the songs in the last few albums and how her other songs make me feel. I truly enjoy happiness over seven. Also, I really think the melody of seven doesn’t catch my ear as much as I want it to.

Track Eight: august vs. dorothea

Hands down, august wins this round. 

Track Nine: this is me trying vs. coney island

Neither one of these songs really stand out to me, however, coney island has a decent chorus and it’s a collaboration. 

Track Ten: illicit affairs vs. ivy

Ivy has this amazing line, “my pain fits in the palm of your freezing hands” that gives me shivers. Such a great visual paired with having to truly think about the lyrics sell me.

Track Eleven: invisible string vs. cowboy like me

I love the story invisible string creates. This idea that we can have love that doesn’t seem super right but there is this invisible string holding the two together. The idea that two people are meant to be is cheesy but very fun to think about. 

Track Twelve: mad woman vs. long story short

Long story short is filled to the brim with a whole bunch of idioms that are used to teach lessons. The irony of this and the title creates a duality that beats mad woman.

Track Thirteen: epiphany vs. marjorie

In all honesty, I love Taylor Swift and she has an amazing talent. However, both of these songs are on my least favorite list and I won’t choose because I really don’t like either of them.

Track Fourteen: betty vs. closure

Betty. I don’t think I have to justify this one.

Track Fifteen: peace vs. evermore vs. hoax

For the most part, I knew what song I liked more than the other for the rest of this list, and then I got to the last track of each album.  I was surprised when I realized that I enjoy peace the most out of the three. Evermore is literally the name of the second album, so I knew that it was going to be good, and it is but extremely slow. I also really enjoy the chorus of hoax but peace just hits differently after listening to it again.