Justin Guzman Athlete Profile


Justin Guzman wearing his uniform.

Tre Robinson, Staff Writer

Justin Guzman is a 9th grader here at Santaluces who is a member of the JV baseball team.  Justin is no stranger to baseball, he is a player that has been playing this game for 12 years now.  He says his favorite part about baseball is being around all of his friends.  Justin enjoys more sports other than baseball such as football and a little bit of basketball as well.  He claims that if he wasn’t playing baseball he would probably be a basketball player like his dad who played both baseball and basketball.  He is also very tall so that would be a great fit for him.  School wise, his favorite subject is math as he is currently taking geometry.  His favorite teacher is Mrs. Williams who he has for math.  As of right now, his favorite memory at Santaluces is playing baseball with all of his friends and having a great time every day in the field.