My Personal Top 5 Books of 2022



My personal favorite top five books of this year in 2022.

Bryanne Elie, Staff Writer

In 2022, I have read a total of 57 books of various genres ranging from the goriest murder mysteries to world-breaking fantasies. Very challengingly, I chose my favorite books from five different genres to highlight as my top books of the year.

1. Six of Crows Duology by Leah Burgado

After pushing back reading this book for the longest time, especially since I read the series that preludes it, I finally decided this year to read the insanely popular series, Six of Crows. The book is about six outcasts with combat skills and powers who get grouped together by their cold-blooded leader, Kaz Brekker, to get 30 million kruge (dollars). All they have to do is break into the most secure government of their world, the Ice Court, which could result in death and imprisonment. I’ve never regretted delaying a book for so long because this series altered the way I view fantasies to the point where I have an elevated standard when it comes to these types of books. The chemistry that develops between the characters is so pleasing to read and the twists that happen are so mind-blowing that I stopped trying to see how they would happen and just let the book uncover itself beautifully. The characters are effectively written with traumatizing backstories rendering sympathy for them that makes it so satisfying to see their development unfold. I think for a few years I’ll find it hard to find any book that beats this incredible story.

2. Stellarlune by Shannon Messenger

In third grade, I started a series I randomly found in the library, Keeper of the Lost Cities. The series focuses on Sophie Foster who finds out she’s an elf after living on Earth for twelve years. She’s brought to the Lost Cities and finds out more about her purpose to end the prevalent problems that are occurring in their world.  Now 8 years later, I read the second to last book making it the ninth book of this highly beloved series. This book immediately follows up with the cliffhanger of Keefe Sencen, her close friend, leaving the Lost Cities in order to hide from his mother who has a detrimental legacy prepared for him. The story is filled with unexpected relationships and the plot continues to expand as more twists and turns elevate the story. Personally, I found the book’s pacing to be a bit slow as half of the book was dedicated to most of the characters arguing but after an unexpected proposition happened, the pacing quickened. I’m really happy that things are starting to change now that Sophie is taking risks to finish the elongated battle once and for all. Also, my preferred ship finally happened and even with the abrupt ending, my excitement for the final book has heightened tremendously.

3. Every Other Weekend by Abigail Johnson

I’m not usually a big fan when it comes to the romance genre, but from time to time I don’t mind reading one when in a book slump. During the start of summer, I had a pretty long book slump that led me to read this book after I saw it occasionally pop up on my ebook app, Cloud Library. Told in alternate perspectives, the story of Adam Moynihan and Jolene Timber are told as they go to the same apartment building to be at their respective dad’s house as they have separated parents, every other weekend. After meeting from their balconies, they bond over their grief and neglect, developing a friendship that eventually strengthens into something more. I wholeheartedly enjoyed this story from beginning to end since it was charming and it will give you all the feels as you’re rooting for a happy ending between the two characters.

4. The Naturals by Jennifer Lynn Barnes

I’m pretty familiar with Jennifer Barnes’s books, and out of all the series I’ve read, The Naturals series has to be my favorite by far. In this book, the FBI has a group of teens with special abilities useful for solving serial killer cases. Their recent recruit, Cassie is the protagonist who has the ability to profile people. The series follows the team as they solve various cases while dealing with their trauma and romantic feelings. After every chapter, the story shifts to the killer’s perspective, heightening the plot’s tension. The first two books were my absolute favorite as they had an interesting story to follow but the last two books are where I felt the plot was starting to fall off as it turned into something bigger. Although I do understand the want for books in a series to be elevated as they go on, it still almost felt a little ridiculous when the cult storyline was introduced in the last two books. The biggest thing keeping me going was the chemistry between the main characters. Their bond was so wholesome and beautiful making me saddened when their journey came to an end.

5. The Silent Patient by Alex Michaelides