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Top 9 Scholarship Websites
De’juh Armani Hickman
One of the many scholarships available on for undergraduate, graduate, and high school students to apply to right now.

As Seniors, we understand the stress that results from attempting to find scholarship websites that are the perfect fit. Scholarships are the thing that all teachers say to apply for before you go to college. They say scholarship this and scholarship that so much that it becomes so annoying after a while hearing it so much. You haven’t even started yet or weren’t planning on starting, so why would you want to put yourself through extra work? Well, let us tell you why you should.

Scholarships are something that every student in high school should try to apply for. Scholarships are time-consuming, well-thought-out assignments that see if you can get the money you need for college or if you have to keep trying. Over time, it does get annoying doing all this work not knowing if you have a secure place to receive the money. But that is why you should be applying for scholarships at the beginning of your high school career.

Some scholarships are as easy as a click of a button and require no essay and writing, just your name. But on the other hand, some expect a minimum of 100 words up to 1000 words per essay. It’s just a matter of which scholarships you find first and which ones you can apply for because scholarships do have deadlines and if you don’t make the deadline, then you just have to wait for the next one. And if you are in a hurry to get money then you might want to do the easy ones before the deadlines.

Scholarships do take up so much of one’s time but this does make sense because you are getting hundreds and thousands of dollars with and without writing.

Scholarships have been around for a long time but most students don’t want to do them because it’s too much work or they aren’t focused on doing them. But guess what? That leaves all the other students who need the money a good chance to earn it. Some students believe they don’t have the writing skills to earn a scholarship but that is not true because everyone has the right to earn a scholarship even if you don’t believe you can do it.

I, Jalisha, personally am not the best writer on the planet but I still try because it is free money. And check this out, once you apply for them and you do get the money to pay for college, you may still have some leftover money to buy anything that you want. I’ve even heard of some people buying cars with their leftover money. It’s all about how much effort you put into them and if you want it that bad then you should most definitely try your best.

I, De’juh, have applied to 60 scholarships in total from September 12th to November 7th, 2023. Listed below are the main websites that I use, I have applied to a wide variety of scholarships such as the Zombie Apocalypse Scholarship on Unigo and the “Pen to Paper Scholarship for Storytellers” on Scholarships360. My go-to scholarship genres are entrepreneurship, nursing, reading, film watching, and writing. If I can find scholarships that are the perfect fit for me, I’m sure you can too. There are millions of scholarships available for you to apply to today but be mindful of deadlines and eligibility requirements.

Below are nine of our favorite websites that we frequently use to apply to some of the most intriguing and unique scholarships known to man:

1. Bold


3. Scholarships

4. Scholarships360

5. Fastweb

6. Niche

7. Cirkledin

8. Scholarshipowl

9. Myscholly


Mrs.Tague is a teacher here at Santaluces Community High School who attended Warner University and Nova Southeastern University to gain her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees.

What resources helped you pay for college?

“I got the Florida Bright Futures but I went to a private school so I needed additional scholarships. I ended up winning the Barry Grunow Scholarship award, which is specifically for students who are going to school for education. The school that I was attending at the time offered me a full tuition scholarship because of my grades, then I also got an alumni award.”

Did you spend any of the scholarship money on anything that wasn’t school-related?

“I know that attending college can be very expensive so I used every penny that I earned towards my schooling.”

Ms.Johnson is another teacher at Santaluces who we interviewed.

What resources helped you pay for college?

“I earned Bright Futures.”

Did you spend any of the scholarship money on anything else that didn’t revolve around school?

“I used it towards my tuition.”

Be sure to apply for as many scholarships as possible, there is no maximum amount you can apply for. You can actively apply for scholarships while also enjoying your last year as a Chief and making the best of  it.

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De’juh Armani Hickman
De’juh Armani Hickman, Staff Writer
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