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Santaluces High School

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Santaluces High School

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Embracing the Chill

Liliana Stollberg
A snowman I made in New York.

As the seasons change and we finally get a break from the hot summer sun with a glimpse into the chill winter, I am beyond excited! Despite living in Florida my whole life, cold weather is my absolute favorite. There are so many unique charms that only the cold can offer and with the temperatures reaching the 50s in South Florida this week, I’ve decided to talk about why cold weather is superior.

When you live somewhere where it feels like 100 degrees every time you walk outside, winter is the only time of year to comfortably wear a lot of clothes. Getting to wear my favorite pieces of clothing in the cold makes it that much more special. Evelyn Portillo said, “I enjoy the cold weather because I can wear more clothes and feel relaxed.” I couldn’t agree more. Nothing is better than wearing a warm sweater in the cold. 

There are also some activities that are just better when it’s chilly out. Going to the beach is my favorite thing to do in the winter. It’s nice to enjoy the view without worrying about sweating. Other indoor activities like ice skating or even just taking a nap seem to be so much more magical in the winter months. Angelina Prieto told me, “I always sleep better when it’s cold out, it’s so comfortable.” It’s actually a proven fact that the cold promotes better rest! 

The traditions that cold weather add so much to the experience. There are special food and drinks that you only get to enjoy when it’s cold outside. Families typically gather for the holiday season to spend time together. There are so many wonderful things associated with cold weather. I mean in my family, it isn’t winter if you don’t have hot chocolate by the fire pit.

If you’re like Elizabeth De Jesus and you’re biggest complaint is “You can’t control the cold, but in the heat, you can go inside and cool off,” then put on an extra jacket! Cold weather is the best weather and it deserves recognition. 

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Liliana Stollberg, Staff Writer
Hi! I'm Liliana, but people call me Lily. I'm a Sophomore and this is my first year working with The Tribe. I have a minor obsession with dying my hair and like to change the color often. I like to read, watch movies, and hang out with my friends. This is my second year in the Culinary Arts program and I love to bake.

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