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Santaluces High School

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Santaluces High School

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Midterm Season: Studying Tips

Liliana Stollberg
A study session at a coffee shop.

As this year’s midterm season comes to an end, we want to share all the tips we’ve learned with you! Everyone learns differently, and the studying methods that work for one person may not work for others. That’s why it’s good to have a wide range of studying habits for you to boost your performance and we’re here to share ours!

One of the most effective ways to help you study is taking notes, more specifically the Cornell notes system. Divide your notes into two sections, one side for any questions and the other for your notes. Writing notes yourself can enhance your memory and help you remember those important details. Another simple and effective way to help you study is by making your flashcards. Flashcards are portable, making it a great tool for quick study sessions. Quiz yourself regularly to reinforce key concepts.

If you don’t want to spend your time making your own study questions, the internet is a great place to turn to. Plenty of amazing flashcard sets can be found on Quizlet, but they also offer practice questions, tests, and matching games you can complete. This is great if you want to see your progress while studying, or just feel like mixing it up. Kahoot is another wonderful website where you can find practice questions to complete by yourself or with your friends. Make it a competition if you want, and see who can win the most rounds of Kahoot. One simple thing you can do is look up a study guide or practice tests for your course. This has helped us a lot specifically with AICE and AP classes. 

A key factor to keep in mind while studying is your environment. A calm and cozy place where you can focus is a great choice. You can also experiment with different aspects of the atmosphere and see what works best for you. Maybe it’s easiest for you to read things in silence or with calm background music. Others may find listening to upbeat music more beneficial to staying engaged. Something else you can add to your studying conditions is a study buddy! Not everyone studies best in silence, you may need someone to keep you company and motivate you. If something feels off and you’re having trouble staying focused, don’t be scared to try a change of scenery. Whether your new location is just a different room or a cute coffee shop, anything can help.

With all of this information, it can be easy to overwhelm yourself. Make sure to keep your mental health in mind and always take breaks when needed. Short breaks allow your mind to recharge, enhance your focus, and prevent burning yourself out. Consider incorporating activities like stretching, walking, or deep breathing exercises during your breaks to refresh both your body and mind. Find a healthy balance between rest and work!

The most important tip we can give you is to talk to your teachers. They want you to succeed especially if they see that you’re putting in effort. Mrs. Renzette, a science teacher here at Santaluces Community High School, wants students to know, “If your teacher gives you a review, use it! Be responsible and take advantage of what your teachers give you. Ask your teachers questions to get more information.” When in doubt, rereading through all your class resources and notes is a helpful place to start. 

We hope you try out these studying strategies. Good luck with your midterms!

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Liliana Stollberg, Staff Writer
Hi! I'm Liliana, but people call me Lily. I'm a Sophomore and this is my first year working with The Tribe. I have a minor obsession with dying my hair and like to change the color often. I like to read, watch movies, and hang out with my friends. This is my second year in the Culinary Arts program and I love to bake.
Angelina Prieto, Staff Writer
Hi! My name is Angelina and I am a Senior here at Santaluces Community High School. I love to read, write, and listen to music during my free time. I am also a part of the Early Childhood Academy and am currently in my fourth year of it. This is my first year here on The Tribe and I am so excited to share my writing with you all!

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