JV Basketball Team Shines

The Chiefs JV basketball team had an impressive 22-2 record this season.

The Santaluces JV basketball team stole the show on the hardwood this year, posting a 22-2 record led by an explosive offense. Okay, scratch that. Explosive is an understatement. Every game seemed like a three-point shout out, and the JV squad was filled with a whole lot of young Reggie Millers.

The Chiefs started off this season red hot, winning 10 straight games and scoring 86.6 points per game. It was clear from the start that they were capable of big things, including scoring 100 points in an away game at Dwyer during that streak.

“I went in this season with no expectations,” said head coach Terrence Atkinson, also know around the school as Coach T. “I didn’t think we’d be really good or bad. I thought we’d be average.”

They were clearly not average. Throughout the entire season the team scored 61.2 points per game. That’s 12 points more than they allowed per game.  By the end of the season, the team accounted for 1,468 points.

“We pressed. We played up-tempo,” said Coach T, “We thought that if we shot more than the other team, we’d score more than the other team.”

They did just that. In their 22 wins this season, the Chiefs outscored opponents by 643 points. That’s an average +29 point differential when the Chiefs walked off the court with a “W” this season.