Coach T Wins Coach of the Year


Jacob Serrano, Staff Writer

After just two years as girls bowling coach, Coach T has won Coach of the Year in Palm Beach County. The award comes after a successful year when the team made it to states and came in 7th place overall.

Coach T was shocked when he heard the news because he never thought he would be recognized with so little experience. With Coach T always pushing the girls to their full potential, the work really payed off with the Chiefs girls bowling making it to states six years in a row.

“I seriously didn’t see this coming, I knew making it to states was possible but not me being selected for Coach of The Year,” said Coach T. “All I really have to thank for this is my school and the team I was blessed with, and also the other coaches who selected me.”

Even the other coaches knew Coach T was deserving of the award and even believe he was made for it.

“I wasn’t shocked one bit at all,” said Athletic Director Mr. Livingston. “Of course he’s known as a basketball genius, but you could tell when the school handed him that bowling team that he was more prepared than ever.”

Livingston wasn’t the only one to comment on this achievement.

“I was happy to hear the news,” said wresting Coach Franco. “I worked with this guy for eight years and I just knew he was more than capable of achieving this goal and I hope he wins more along the way.”