Eagles Soar Against the Chiefs, 35-0

Alan McGonigle, Staff Writer

Friday night, the Chiefs clashed with the Eagles in an attempt to knock off the top team in the county. Atlantic came into the game at a record of 5-0, while the chiefs came in at a record of 3-3.  Santaluces was looking for a win against the big birds.

But, not everything went to plan.

In the first quarter, no team scored and the game surprisingly started off fairly balanced considering the chiefs were playing one of the best teams in the county. As the second quarter came along, the Chiefs had a few hiccups.

21 unanswered points were given up in the second quarter to wrap up the first half of the ball game. At halftime, the score was 0-21 in favor of Atlantic.

As the second half started, the Chiefs were running with their woes. Two more touchdowns were conceded in the third quarter as the margin between the two teams increased to 0-35.

In the final quarter, the Chiefs defense stepped up to not give up anymore points as they were routed by Atlantic.

Final Score:

Atlantic: 35

Santaluces: 0