Wrestlers Come Out On Top At Park Vista


(From right) Justyn Matejka, Kareen Thomas, Nick Whittington, and Gabriel Burzycki. Photo courtesy of Justyn Matejka.

Alan McGonigle, Sports Editor

The Chiefs Wrestling team had a wrestling meet with what Mr.Krupa calls “The team out west” Park Vista. At this meet, five Chiefs came out on top.

These wrestlers were, Justyn Matejka, Kareem Thomas, Nick Whittington, and Gabriel Burzycki. All of them won their matches at the meet in their respective weight classes.

According to Palm Beach Gametime, all of these wrestlers are currently ranked in the top five for their respective weight classes. Matejka (19-8) is ranked 6th in his weight class, Kareem Thomas (22-9) is ranked 3rd in his weight class, Nick whittington (25-6) is ranked 3rd in his weight class, and Gabriel Burzycki (20-6) is ranked 4th in his weight class.

Coach Franco gave insight on how the tournament went at Park Vista.

“It came down to the last match, Justyn Matejka was wrestling, and he put his opponent in a cradle,” said Franco. The overall tournament was electric, players screaming back and fourth, students and athletes names being chanted, it was awesome. It was a lot of emotion and dedication, we have to wrestle them in a couple weeks at districts and hopefully we can come out as district champions.”

Santaluces is ranked 7th in the county in wrestling and is on a hot streak. 

The Chiefs have two more meets until they face other wrestlers in the county meets, where they look to place at regionals and even the states. The seniors are looking to cap off their final season with a regional title or even a state title and will certainly make most of their opportunity.