Getting Back in the Swing of Things


Ethan Mansdorf

Varsity Volleyball Chiefs stand ready for the upcoming challenge.

Ethan Mansdorf, Photo Editor

Although we all received what some would say is a “well deserved” week-long break following the scare of a massive category 5 hurricane, not everyone gets a break out of it.

After missing one week of school, all current Santaluces sports had to postponed to different dates in the coming weeks. Since Santaluces athletes carry such a busy schedule, often playing up to 3 or 4 games per week just to keep up with the regular season, a week-long setback can be disruptive to a regular season schedule. During the break a total of nine games across four sports were canceled including Varsity Volleyball, Varsity Football, Varsity Golf, Swimming, and Cross-country.

As a result, student athletes have now been put in a position where they must make up for not only the lost class time and the work load that comes with that, but also the rescheduling of any missed regular season games during the break. What was originally three games or meets over two weeks has now become at least one game every day for two weeks, just to make up for missed dates.

However, the student athletes of Santaluces seem to welcome the challenge with open arms.

“It was hard because there was no practice during the storm and having a match everyday is pretty tiring,” said Senior Bradley Terry of the golf team. “But, I feel like the team will come back together and win.”

Not only are practices being affected, but school work as well.

“Its been difficult to get all my school work done when there are games everyday.” said Varsity Volleyball team captain Alexia Mondoeng. “It’s doable though; you just have to prioritize your time.”

The coming weeks will not come with ease; teams will be confronted with an opponent every day and students will have to work around their school life to balance, but there is confidence from all corners.

“It’ll put a strain on their academic lives,” said Athletic Director Cohen. “As student athletes it will really prove how much they’ve put into to the game and how they care to be able to balance school and sport.”