Chiefs Baseball Earns First Win of the Season


Alayna Reddick

The Chiefs regrouped after their win against Atlantic.

Alayna Reddick, Staff Writer

In their fourth game of the season, the Chiefs defeated Atlantic 10-0, giving them their first win of the season.

Within the top of the first inning alone, Chiefs scored four runs. Senior Jared Petronis earned a double, while shortly after Kobe Lewis hit for a triple.

The Chiefs’ continued success was backed with pitcher Justin Weithorn’s abilities in the second inning along with the players in the field who provided strong and reliable defense.

After a series of singles, Santaluces entered the third inning with 6 runs. These small plays continued through the fifth inning.

Alayna Reddick
Senior Michael Etchells practices his swing.

In the top of the sixth, Eathyn Little hit a single between shortstop and second. Senior Justin Weithorn, advanced to first when he was hit by the pitcher, moving Little to scoring position. On a passed ball, both players advanced bases. Little was able to run home after a wild pitch, as Weithorn was left on third as three strikes were earned.

The seventh inning was sealed with two runs from Andres Bedoya and Brandon Hernandez.