Santaluces Chiefs vs Park Vista Cobras: A New Football Season


Khan Ho

The Chiefs try to keep the ball in play, while the Cobras press hard on defense.

Azwad Ahmed and Khan Ho

After a long wait, the football season is finally underway.  The Santaluces Chiefs took on the Park Vista Cobras at Wellington High School. This Halloween edition of the old rivalry, also hosted Senior Night, honoring the senior football players, cheerleaders, and band members.

Entry to the game is was limited to those who have purchased their tickets using the “GoFan” app. Spectators would have to use their phones to present their ticket for safety measures against COVID-19.

By the end of the 2nd quarter, the Chiefs were trailing 0-17. The Chiefs responded with a touchdown to make the score 7-17, however, the Cobras powered their way to a 7-25 victory.

Despite the game being at Wellington High, the Chiefs showcased brilliant school spirit. Principal Tameka Robinson was also in attendance.

“I’m excited that we’re able to have athletics and students are able to experience extracurriculars. It makes the high school experience much more rewarding,” says Robinson.

The Chiefs take on Spanish River as the home team at Wellington High School, on November 7th at 2:30 pm.