The Tampa Bay Buccaneers Dominate Super Bowl LV


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Tom Brady earns his seventh ring as the Tampa Bay Buccaneers demolished the Kansas City Chiefs 31-9.

Tristan Baldeo, Staff Writer

The defense shined for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers as they came out victorious in Super Bowl LV. The Buccaneers, in a dominant fashion, destroyed the Kansas City Chiefs 31-9 for their second Super Bowl title in franchise history. This also marks the first team to both play and win the Super Bowl at their home stadium.

Tom Brady continues to add to his legacy as the greatest player of all time, achieving his seventh Super Bowl title. Brady currently has more Super Bowl titles than any other player and franchise, with the Patriots trailing him with six, all won with Brady on the team. 

One of the driving factors for this Super Bowl win for the Buccaneers would be Brady’s excellent performance on the field. Brady would go on to complete 21 of 29 passes for a combined total of 201 yards and three touchdowns, winning him Super Bowl MVP.

Brady adding another Super Bowl MVP to his resume grows his record of most Super Bowl MVP awards of all time with five and counting.

The next factor for the team’s success would be the Buccaneers’ near-perfect defense.

The Buccaneers defense would go on to hold off the Chiefs’ offense for the entire game. From start to finish the Chiefs would fail to score a single touchdown and Chiefs star quarterback Patrick Mahomes would be picked off twice.

This blowout came as a surprise to most, as this marks one of Mahomes’ worst games statistically of his entire career. Mahomes would go on to only complete 26 of 49 passes, totaling 270 yards, zero touchdowns, and two interceptions.

The 31-9 blowout marks the first time the Chiefs with Mahomes have failed to score double digits and the first time the Chiefs have failed to score a touchdown since Mahomes became a starter.

While the Chiefs failed to compete come Super Bowl night, they still remain one of the most talented teams in the NFL and have a bright future ahead. The rest of the NFL will look to upgrade heading into the offseason, which holds an uncertain future for a plethora of players.