An Unexpected Soccer Season


Miranda McRae

The Girls Soccer Team celebrating during a game.

Miranda McRae, Staff Writer

This year was my final year playing for the Girl’s Varsity Soccer team here at Santaluces. This year was very overwhelming in many different ways. The whole year started with me believing that we would not have a season because of COVID-19. However, once I found out we were having a season I knew I had to be on my best game knowing this was my last year playing as a Chief. Knowing that COVID-19 was still a thing I wasn’t sure how many games we would have or if I would be able to play the entire season due to a back injury I picked up the previous year. I made sure that throughout the time before the season I kept in touch with my coach. 

Every year I have played for the team finding enough girls has been a challenge. Knowing that covid still had an impact on everyone’s life, finding enough girls this year would be even harder than in previous years. However, other girls and I made announcements, flyers, and made sure we got the word out about the team. Surely enough, we got enough girls to try out and to have a team. Now it was time to get these girls ready. This year I was the main captain of the team and I did my very best to lead the girls and form a bond with everyone that would last. 

Being a senior that has been on the team since I was a freshman helped overall knowing how the opposing teams play, what the season is going to look like. The challenging part was keeping everyone safe and healthy. Making sure that the girls are staying home if they feel sick, or have any possible symptoms. Once the season started everything got easier. Working together as a team was less of a challenge. Each of the girls knew how we each played individually. 

Coronavirus definitely made my final year a little more challenging than it could have been. Especially with being stressed about school. It was very different compared to every other year. But I wouldn’t have asked it for any other way. I created friendships and bonds with the girls on the team that make me so happy and eager to come back and help next year. So yes, covid made the soccer season very difficult but I came out strong and so did all the girls on the team.