The MVP IS Back!


Bleacher Report

Aaron Rodgers in action.

Tre Robinson, Staff Writer

After a hectic offseason where this guy wanted to leave the Green Bay Packers, Aaron Rodgers is back in action.

Coming off an MVP season last year and still not making the Super Bowl, frustration kicked in for Aaron Rodgers.  He wanted to leave Green Bay and play elsewhere due to off-the-field issues. Last week, the Packers took on the New Orleans Saints and took a big loss: 38-3.  But last night, Aaron Rodgers came back to life.

Until last night’s win against the Detroit Lions, Aaron Rodgers hasn’t thrown a touchdown pass since January 24, 2021 in the NFC Championship game. Aaron Rodgers played an almost perfect game this time. Out of his 27 total passes that he threw, he completed 22 of those passes with 4 touchdown passes to add onto that.

The Packers went on to win the game 35-17 and Aaron Rodgers was the Player of the Game. It feels good to have Aaron Rodgers back in action!