Kendra Bentley Makes History for Lady Chiefs Basketball


The Tribe

Kendra Bentley was presented with a hand-painted ball to commemorate her achievement.

After last night’s decisive win 67-22 over rival Park Vista, Lady Chiefs point/shooting guard Kendra Bentley was recognized for a rare accomplishment in girls basketball: surpassing 1,000 points total. What makes this feat even more special is that she is only a Junior, not to mention that she, along with every other high school athlete, has had to contend with the COVID pandemic and how it has plagued high school sports schedules.

Principal Robinson emphasized the magnitude of this accomplishment, saying, “I am extremely proud of Kendra! Being able to achieve this recognition during the adversity of a global pandemic is outstanding. Kudos and keep up the good work!”

The good news is, there are plenty more games to watch Kendra continue adding to her astounding total.

The Lady Chiefs coaching staff, Principal Robinson, and Athletic Director Barry Cohen were on-hand for the post-game recognition in which Kendra was presented with a basketball commemorating her achievement. The custom-designed ball was hand-painted by our own talented art teacher, Ms. Youssef.

Kendra surrounded by her coaches, her mom, and Principal Robinson.

Athletic Director Cohen explained that points for high school athletes are tracked through MaxPreps and Hudl. The responsibility of keeping those stats up to date falls on coaches and team staff members. Currently, Kendra averages nearly 30 points a game. Cohen added, “Kendra has achieved a feat, scoring 1,000 points, in which very few high school players will ever achieve. And to do so by her Junior year is extraordinary.”

For her, joining the ranks of the few elite high school athletes who have also reached this milestone was just one goal Kendra can now cross off her list. “I always wanted to accomplish this before my senior year,” she admitted before adding, “I feel really good about it, but now I just want to push myself even further.”

With her talent on the court, Kendra will undoubtedly continue to do just that.