UPDATE: Damar Hamlin



The Buffalo Bills #3 Damar Hamlin.

Tre Robinson, Staff Writer

Monday night was a very tragic and traumatizing night for NFL fans across the world.

The Buffalo Bills and Cincinnati Bengals matched up in a Monday Night Showdown for a game that had huge playoff indications with the season coming to an end. With about six minutes left in the first quarter of the game, Buffalo Bills Safety #3 Damar Hamlin went in to make a tackle on Cincinnati Bengals Wide Receiver Tee Higgins. The tackle looked and seemed as if it was a regular play, but seconds after Hamlin made the tackle, he collapsed onto the floor.

He had suffered from cardiac arrest and wasn’t able to breathe. Ambulances and paramedics came flying to save Damar’s life. After six minutes of performing CPR and AED on him, Damar’s life was restored and he was rushed to the hospital.

After three days, Damar Hamlin was finally able to open his eyes and wake up, doing a lot better. He is now able to interact with his family and is overall doing better one day at a time. Doctors all over the world still can’t 100 percent figure out what is the exact reason that Damar suffered from cardiac arrest, but please keep Damar Hamlin and his family in your thoughts and prayers.