Unpopular Opinion: The Pro Bowl Is Not What It Used To Be

Tre Robinson, Staff Writer

The NFL Pro Bowl is a huge event in the NFL season and is something that usually all NFL fans look forward to.

NFL fans would always love to see their favorite players from across the league join forces or play against each other and overall just have a great football game. In recent years, the Pro Bowl hasn’t been as fun as it used to be. The game just isn’t as exciting as it used to be and no one really looks forward to it anymore. Of course, the players that are playing in the game are blessed and happy to be known as Pro Bowlers because they showed all season that they are the elite players in the league, but from a fan prospect, the Pro Bowl isn’t as entertaining as it used to be.

One thing that has led to the unpopularity of the Pro Bowl is the rules that have changed. First of all, there is ZERO tackling allowed in the game. This rule was put in place to protect the players playing in the game which is understandable because injuries do happen, but how are fans supposed to enjoy a football game if the part that makes football most enjoyable is not allowed?

Another bad part about the Pro Bowl is that the right players aren’t always picked. So many players get overlooked and don’t get invited to the event when they should have been. This leads to fans not being able to enjoy the game because of the players that are playing in it.

Now, the NFL has inputted games such as dodgeball, flag football, best catch challenge, and more to make the event fun and not be all about football. However, this doesn’t necessarily fix the fact that the game isn’t fun anymore.

The Pro Bowl should either be removed or the rules should change to make the game better, but until then the Pro Bowl is going to have fewer and fewer fans watching.