Fashion Show 2013

This years Fashion Show will be the last.

This year’s Fashion Show will be the last.

Gretchnaida Luma

Satin, sheer, leather and colors of all sorts drifted across the stage in style for the Fashion Academy’s annual Fashion Show. Last week was a hectic week for the Fashion Academy, as they frenzied the entire 4000 building and PAC with preparations for the show, and it turned out to be quite a hit.

It began with four different collections of designs by levels one, two, and three. The designs were creative and intricate, especially a black and white dress with 3D spikes sticking out at different angles.

Then the seniors’ collections took the stage, and seniors presented their inspirations for their collections. They even took a bow with their models on stage, just like during New York Fashion Week. The show ended when Ms. Collie gave out trophies to her best students, and “pink ribbons” to all of her students.