Spotlight On SGA

SGA members gathered for a photo after our first pep rally of the year—our first since before COVID.

Cindy Apolonio Romero, Staff Writer

SGA stands for Student Government & Association; it is responsible for helping create activities to bring our student community together at school. They have formed not only an organization but a family that is unified and helps bring the school together and have fun. In SGA, students come together from all different backgrounds and have different perspectives and ideas to contribute. SGA plans many important events that will create memories for all the students here at Santaluces; for example, homecoming, pep rallies, mental health initiatives, fundraisers, and more.

How can you join?
“First, students fill out an application that is released in April. Then, students interview with the SGA sponsor, Ms. Matuella, and some of the SGA officers. In the end, we select students based on their grades, commitment to other clubs and sports, and their ideas for how to bring students together on campus!”

How committed are you?
“Most of the work we do is done during our class period, except for Homecoming time. We stay after school every day for the two weeks leading up to Homecoming. We expect our members to come to our events, help out, and have fun!”

What are the main events that SGA organizes?
“We organize Homecoming, Spirit Weeks, senior tailgate, pep rallies, Teacher/AP/Principal Appreciation Days, and Mental Health Day in May.”

What are the responsibilities of elected SGA members?
“SGA Officers, such as President and Vice President, are in charge of running the class and approving members’ ideas, Secretary keeps dates, meeting minutes, and plans our meetings, and lastly our Committee Heads make sure everything runs smoothly under our small groups! Our committees are Internal Affairs, Public Relations, Community Service, and Students/Staff/Spirit.”