New Desks at SHS!


Mayra Perez

Santaluces classrooms get a new makeover with brand new desks.

Mayra Perez, Club Member

This past week Santaluces said ”New Year New Me” with the arrival of the updated desks.

Many students and teachers express their feelings about these recently new additions to the school. A couple of teachers I came across have spoken that although these desks took up much space in the classroom, they appreciate the new look and love how formal they appear.

Keisha Dorvil, a Sophomore states, “I think they are fancy and comfortable! It helps a lot with my posture and is overall a great new look to our classes.”

Personally, I love the way they look. They seem nicer and a bit more comfortable to sit on, especially when we have to sit in place all day. They look more appealing and overall a great addition to our classrooms. I hope to see even more improvements at our school.