Art Brought to Life

Imagine looking in the mirror and noticing that the one staring at you is not you, but rather some type of creature of your own creation. Imagine making yourself into anyone or anything you have ever wanted. Lindsey Tears, a senior, can do this and much more.

At the age of ten, Tears began to show her talent as a makeup artist. She began by doing Halloween makeup on herself. People would ask her “Who did your makeup?” and she would reply “I did.” After that she began to do makeup for other occasions that weren’t Halloween such as she did a haunted house during her freshman year at G-Star.

In her sophomore year, she came to Santaluces and joined drama; this is where she began to bring endless characters to life. Whenever she applies makeup on someone she transforms the person into a character andmakes everything seem more realistic.

“When it’s for one of the characters such as in The Seussical, usually it’s like an animated character,” said Tears “I would just do like an adaptation of the character to bring it to life.”

Tears’ parents have taught her valuable techniques that she uses now.

Tears’ father has always wanted to do makeup for Universal Studios.  He taught Tears the theatrical aspect of it, such as how to apply latex and prosthetic to a model. Although her father never worked for Universal Studios, he still does makeup, mainly for Halloween. When Lindsey was younger, her father used to create a haunted house in their backyard. People all the way from Ft. Lauderdale used to go to see their haunted houses.

On top of that, her mother has been a cosmetologist for roughly 20 years. Tears’ mother has taught her some beauty techniques such as shading.

“My inspirations come from seeing other people’s work and I just kind of morph it into my own creation,” said Tears. “I usually take about an hour to apply makeup, from the face and neck line but it feels a lot shorter because I just get so much into doing it.”

Upon finishing high school, Tears plans on receiving her license in cosmetology, and after that she plans to move to Orlando to join the Joe Blasco’s School of Makeup.