The Suckers are Back

The fear of a needle going up your arm, the blood flowing out of your body, and the bag of blood just getting bigger and heavier. This was the second blood drive of the year, and the newcomers were filled with fear.

Right when first period started, the donors went to their destination, the Tomahawk Café. There were roughly 300 students registered to donate, but usually about 180 actually do; there are a few reasons for this. The most common one is that they have low iron, or not “good veins,” meaning that they can’t donate blood. Another reason may be that they are sick and taking antibiotics, and therefore they can’t donate either.

The food that is catered to the donors comes locally, some donated, but the majority of the food is bought.

For some, this was the first time donating, they knew what to expect from what they had heard from their peers and seen in videos.

 There are those who have donated previously and enjoy the idea of helping others.

“I donate blood so that I can save lives,” said junior Ross Edina. “This isn’t my first blood drive; I’ve done plenty more and this time including previous ones I’m doing platelets, which is plasma.”

Whatever the reason is for donating blood, the satisfaction of saving someone’s life is always something to be proud of.