The Smell of Coffee in The Morning

The third nine weeks of 2013-2014 is here, and teachers are getting an extra perk.

The coffee club is back again. It lets teachers enjoy coffee delivery every morning and allows students to learn about business with coffee making and delivery. The coffee club is operated by Mrs. Smadowski, and it gives teachers the option to receive either a choice of coffee, iced coffee, hot tea, iced tea, and even hot chocolate. There are several payment plans such as $20 a month for a months coverage of coffee, $44 for a 9 weeks payment of coffee, and $85 for a whole semester.

It’s also an opportunity for special students to be able to work in a business like environment with making coffee and delivering.

“Coffee Club was designed for students to learn job skills for the future, we consider it a career class.” said Mrs. Smadowski.

The Coffee Club is useful for the students to learn what to expect in business and is also said to be very fun.

“It’s awesome,” said junior, Robert Black. “I love it because we get involved with teachers, and I really want to do it next year.”