Changes to the Yearbook

Pictures can say a thousand words, and yearbook memories last a lifetime. Opening the yearbook, seeing familiar faces and smiles, and leaving notes for each other are all rights of passage in every student’s life. This year’s yearbook will be different from the previous years, with fresh new ideas and a brand new staff.

When students think about the price of the yearbook, they think that it’s too much and wonder why it’s so much. For those that don’t know, the whole order costs roughly ten thousand dollars. The cost of the yearbook, is fairly low compared to how much it cost to produce each one; the cost is so low because they sell ads to support the yearbook.

“We sort of produce [the yearbook] so that students will have a memory,” said yearbook advisor, Mr. Woods. “It’s mostly a service that we do.”

The yearbook has been submitted, but for the first time, it will include pictures of prom. They plan to do this by pulling out eight pages, and saving them for prom. After about two weeks before the yearbooks are distributed, the pages will be sent electronically, and the company will send an insert containing pictures of prom that students will just add on.

“When I was in high school, I wished to have my prom pictures in the yearbook. They usually always came out in the next year, when we had already graduated, and we never got to see those pictures again,” said Mr. Woods. “So, 20 years from now, your prom pictures will be in your yearbook.”

The yearbook staff have worked on the yearbook every day since August and they can also access the yearbook editor from the comfort of their homes, which makes the yearbook fairy accessible to the staff.

“This is my first time doing the yearbook,” said sophomore Victoria Gonzalez. “We have a good teacher, and I try to get as much done.”

The yearbooks can be bought from Mr. Woods, in room 8109 for only $80. Don’t wait till the last minute because, according to Mr. Woods, the yearbooks are  predicted to be sold out before they even arrive on campus.