A Mother and Teacher to All


Jacob Serrano, Staff Writer

Whether you know her as your academic teacher, your life teacher, or as your friend, somehow you know about Mrs. Schroader. An English teacher, she’s also been known to be a student’s therapist as well.

From teaching at schools such Park Vista and Lake Worth Middle School, Mrs. Schroader has always found kids who not only wish to find fun in reading, but who also need someone to talk to. Many see her as an inspiration and even a light of hope for them to keep on going.

“I think of her as a mom, she cares for all of us and teaches about more than just academics,” said David Odom, Junior. “It’s just amazing to see someone that cares more than just about clocking out and getting paid, but wanting to see her students grow and go down the right path.”

Mrs. Schroader did not set out to be a teacher.

“I wanted to be an accountant just to make money,” said Mrs. Schroader. “But everything changed when I took adult literature at FSU and I realized if somebody taught the way I learned this course, young teens would probably connect more to the material than usual.”

Even though she taught at a couple of schools, everything changed for her when she walked through the doors of Santaluces.

“I remember it was a pep rally day and as soon as I walked into the gym, I heard the FSU chant and I just realized that I was home and I never wanted to leave,” she said.

Through the years, Mrs. Schroader has become a big part of this school and many of the students’ lives.