Style Making It’s Way Back to School


Marie Bobb, Staff Writer

As the school year begins, the latest fashion trends are slowly being taken over by the younger generation. Since the only place most teens will be going to is school, all those summer shorts and tank tops can basically be thrown to the back of your closet. Every student in every grade has his or her own sense of style, but I definitely believe that teens’ style gets inspired by others in their surroundings. This year, students are considering what to buy next based on what everyone is wearing.

Chiefs across campus are showing off the latest fashion trends, and even those who don’t exactly follow what’s happening in fashion still know how to switch up their own style. Some teens even seem to copy the art of style without realizing it. These back to school looks are actually extremely inexpensive and casual everyday wear.

Here are some trends:

 Hawaiian Prints:  These button-down shirts have been huge this year, and almost every corner you turn you can see someone rocking it. I also feel as though its the perfect back to school attire because boys and girls both look great in it and it’s basically taking summer back to school with you.

Larry Paul, 10th grade
Marie Bobb
Larry Paul, 10th grade

 Bright Colors: This is certainly a trend that I love and is definitely present among students. Wearing these bright colors not only makes you have a happier appearance but it shows that even though school has started, summer never left. bright colors

Sperry’s: These shoes have been around for as long as I remember and they have to be one of the most worn back-to-school shoes. Teens usually praise a certain object for a while until it gets “out of style,” but these shoes will never get old. They’re casual and can be worn with many outfits.IMG_8847

Layers: Even though it’s hot, really hot, layers are really making it big this year. Teens have found a way to make jackets and sweaters work at anytime of the year. It’s never too hot to look fashionable.