Early Admission Brings College Life to Chiefs

Shuruq Daas, Staff Writer

Early admission is a college plan in which a student applies earlier to attend college. This is a beneficial step that will help students complete his or her associates degree (AA). The AA is an undergraduate degree awarded by community colleges/universities, it shows completion of study that lasted two years. And also, the student will have already completed one year of college while others are still in their senior year.

“It was so cool walking in and realizing I’m not in school anymore,” said Mohammed Ramadan, a senior. ‘’The atmosphere is different and my classes are easy and refreshing.”

Requirements to be accepted into early admission are an SAT score of 440 in math, reading, and writing, and a GPA of 3.0 or higher.

“It’s a great opportunity and it will cut down on college expenses,” said Ms. Neer, eleventh grade counselor. “[Students should be] organized, mature, have their priorities figured out and have excellent time management skills.”

Students who would be the best fit for this are over achievers who want to start college early and can handle the responsibility. One has to be a positive and active student who does not slack off.

“College life is amazing,” said Estephany Velis, a senior. “It’s easier than high school [for me] and the life of it is so vibrant and refreshing. I feel kind of sad to not be able to join in spirit week since it’s the epitome of pure school spirit, but I’ll be in the pep rally and that is some way to still be involved.”

Students interested in early admission should talk to their counselor.