First Priority Makes Their Mark


Ana Lara-Cruz

Club sponsor, Campus Coach and the three leaders.

Ana lara-cruz, Staff Writer

If you’re looking for somewhere to share your Christian beliefs, then First Priority is the club for you. First Priority is a motivational club that allows students to push and support each other in their faith.

“I was honored to sponsor the club,” said Mrs. Ross, the club sponsor since 2009. “It’s an opportunity for Christian kids to not feel alone.”

Beginning with just two students, the club now has up to 15 official members and new members are joining in every Thursday. First Priority consists of singing songs, listening and reading over the Bible and prayer.

“I am encouraged every Thursday by these kids,” said Ross. “By how active their faith is.”

The club is lead by 12th Grader Jobina Bienaime (11th and 12th leader for girls), 11th Grader Damaris Garcia (9th and 10th leader for girls), 12th Grader Horace Samuels (9th,10th,11th,12th for boys).

“First Priority’s mission is to love God,” said Bienaime. “And also to love people.”

First Priority also does events to help out around campus. Last year, First Priority helped out at the faculty lunch and this year, they have many more plans, such as providing encouragement for students during testing season.

“First Priority will change the negative reputation of this school,” said Chris Cambell, Campus Coach for First Priority. “We want to bring back the positive reputation this school needs.”