More than a History Teacher


Jacob Serrano, Staff Writer

While a teacher is known for speaking on educational subjects and keeping their students on task, sometimes its more than meets the eye. Mrs.Weber is a teacher who is known for teaching history subjects and politics, but theres much more to her than lectures and political discussions.

Weber grew up in Lakeland, Florida her younger years and has always been inspired to become a teacher while growing up due to her own teachers giving her an inside on what its like. She later tackled her dreams as she went to USF for her bachelors and later went to FAU for her masters. As she graduated she finally took on her dream of showing children academics in the classroom starting with middle school for her first thirteen years. Weber later started teaching at Santaluces High School which she loved ever since she started working at the school. She left Santaluces to help open up Boynton High but felt that her home has always been with the chiefs.

With twenty-eight years under her belt, she also has the experience of being a busy mother as she has two son that are chiefs as well and are even on the school’s wrestling team. With her life revolving around adolescents such as students and even two growing sons, she’s come to see how much she adores working with the youth.

“She really is someone you can get along with,” said Angelica Reyes. “you can talk to her about almost anything really.”

With so much passion for her career and with two sons heading to college real soon, Weber isn’t even excited for retirement but more excited for the coming years of teaching.