Pathfinder Spotlight: Meet Paola Trejo


Lissan Martin, Staff Writer

Under consideration for the Academic Excellence Pathfinder award is senior Paola Trejo.

“I am interested in excelling academically because by doing so I not only get a chance to learn new things,” said Trejo. “But I am also working towards achieving my future goals.”

Her aspirations lay in medicine, studying and becoming a doctor would be reaching the top of the mountain for Trejo.

“I wish to one day have the opportunity to help people in countries that lack resources for medical care,” said Trejo.

Moving from Mexico at the age of 11, learning a new language and trying to assimilate with Americans was a major obstacle she faced and had to overcome. Representing this category is not only one that she can relate to but she provides a story that others in her situation can also relate and look up to.

Her dedication to school stems from her parents, who have made many sacrifices in order for her to have the opportunities they were not given, this is what she says has kept her motivated.

“They have always stressed to me the importance of getting an education and the opportunities that it gives you to succeed in life,” said Trejo.

Winning the Pathfinder award would give her the financial aid she needs in order to actually go to college and pursue a career in medicine. Practicing amongst other pathfinders, teachers, and running through possible interview questions is preparing her for the big day.

This experience has not only taught her a great deal of responsibility but has been beneficial in helping her  become a wiser and more mature student in the understanding of how the outside world will treat her.