Student Spotlight: Chad Tworek, Chiefs to Eagles

Ana Lara-Cruz, Staff Writer

Senior Chad Tworek signed recently with Polk State College and received a full-ride scholarship for baseball that comes with free tuition, meal plan, and other expenses such as books.

“I honestly don’t know what to say,” said Tworek. “It is just amazing.”

Tworek has been playing baseball for all four years and has been playing varsity for the last two years. His position on the team is pitcher and his number is 25 on the team. Tworek’s coach, Franco, was extremely proud of Tworek’s prestigious accomplishment and excited for what is to come in Tworek’s future.

“I’m so happy for him and his family,” said Coach Franco, who coaches the baseball team. “It’s such an honor to have coached him for so many years.”

Coach Franco talked about Tworek’s love for golf and how he wasn’t really interested in baseball at first. But as he started growing in height, his passion for baseball became more serious. Tworek has become a strong leader on the team and has motivated his teammates to always give their best.

“It has been very rewarding to have Chad play on the team,” said Coach Franco. “Hopefully he will make the best of his ability in this new chapter of his life.”